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Kyung: Those that can exhibit true hip hop swag are part of team B and those that can’t are team A.
You just need to put it on and walk in, but not everyone can pull this off. You need hip hop. Jaehyo: I don’t think my look would work for you at all. Kyung: I don’t really think it’s working for you, either.

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pyoji @fashion korea 2

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If I don’t put my clothes properly in the closet, I can’t sleep at all. Where did I learn this habit from? Actually it was from Jiyong hyung. Although I’m not too sure about it now, he was really good at tidying his clothes. T-shirts belongs to T-shirts area, jackets belong to jackets area. It looks very neat and tidy. That’s why it became my habit as well now.

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I’d rather get a double double and some Timbits.

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Do you ever have that one band/artist who is just so important to you and with them it’s always more than just the music? And it’s because they get you through the day and they have the ability to make you happy when no one else can and you would do anything to support them because they have such a profound effect on your life and without them you just wouldn’t be the same person.

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Behind the Scenes Jackpot Photoshoot with Taepyo

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